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"Our priority is to provide critical intelligence and to develop cost effective solutions to respond to workforce challenges."



SSSA is a proactive workforce development facilitator for industry, government and the community. Our extensive industry networks, highly skilled team, great track record and detailed knowledge of the complex VET space uniquely positions us to assist you to find the perfect workforce development solution.

SSSA has a proven track record of being able to deliver:

  •  Increased opportunities for industry to access state and federal funding
  •  Strategic thinking to facilitate common sense industry driven implementation of the skills agenda
  •  Broker collaborative partnerships to facilitate up-skilling and increase productivity
  •  Provide outstanding project management, consistently delivering value for money quality outcomes

SSSA has the experience and expertise to meet your needs with:

  •  A track record of collaborative partnerships integrating government funding that deliver real productivity gains
  •  A proven reputation in managing complex projects requiring adherence to time-lines, defined outputs and budgets
  •  Established relationships within an extensive network of industry, employer and government contacts
  •  Detailed knowledge of the complex vocational education training and workforce development space
  •  A strong commitment to results through innovation and creativity

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