Working with the Arts Industry Council of South Australia, this project involves an indepth skills need and workforce development survey which has generated over 800 responses. The survey data is being used to create a holistic and collaborative solution to the current and future skills needs of the Creative Industries in SA.


February 2009 – June 2013


The Creative Futures project aimed to effectively capture the essential skilling and workforce needs of the Arts, Creative and Cultural Industries to enable better decision making by the South Australian government and industry.

Facilitated by the Arts Industry Council of South Australia (AICSA) and Service Skills SA (SSSA) this project was funded by the Industry Skills Development Directorate of the Department of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology (DFEEST), Innovation and Business Skills Australia (IBSA) and Service Skills SA.

The project deliverables included:

  • The Creative Futures report – inclusive of an Industry Snapshot and a set of actionable priorities
  • 11 Sector Key Messages reports
  • Pilot training program funded through National Workforce Development Fund



At the project inception, the Creative Futures reference group was formed. This group of key industry stakeholders provided the best strategic advice which ensured the projects success.

The Creative Futures survey undertaken in September and October 2012 was the major mechanism used to capture industry data. It engaged 886 respondents including large organisations (more than 10 Employees), small to medium businesses (less than 10 employees) and individuals.

The success of this survey can be attributed to the effective industry engagement strategy, which included:

  • A coordinated approach to creating an encompassing database inclusive of all industry sectors
  • The creation of the Creat!ve Futures brand
  • A viral social media campaign
  • The creation of the website.

CF website1

To promote the need for industry engagement, 28 recognised Arts, Creative and Cultural industry identities were videoed and compiled into a promotional campaign that featured on the website. To view these videos please click the following link -

In order to put the captured survey data into context additional information was collected. This included customised 2011 ABS Census Data, the DFEEST Workforce Wizard Reports and Innovation & Business Skills Australia (IBSA) training statistics. This statistical data has been used to reinforce the validity of the industry snapshot, the survey outcomes and the project findings and recommendations. It also allows extrapolation of the report.

The significant body of data created by this project has the potential to inform sector workforce development and training requirements on both a state and national level. The project recommendations contain actionable priorities. These training related priorities are designed to be achievable within current funding opportunities.

The Creative Futures website has now become the mechanism used to advise people of the training opportunities that have resulted from this project. People will have an option to subscribe to ensure they stay informed about future activity.

Key Outcomes

  • 886 survey respondents
  • Comprehensive SA, Arts, Creatvie & Cultural Industries database
  • An effective branding & social media campaign .
  • website
  • Creative Futures Industry Snapshot
  • 11 Sector Key Messages
  • Pilot training program funded through National Workforce Development Fund


Megan Rainey – Arts Industry Project Consultant

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