A collaborative VET Innovation Project that has produced an online resource designed to assist Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) with the implementation of the SIB10 National Beauty Training Package.


November 2010 – March 2011


Innovative Implementation, was an online resource created in 2010 to assist Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) with the implementation of the SIB10 National Beauty Training Package. The project was the result of a collaborative VET Innovation Project funded by the Department of Further Employment Education Science and Technology (DFEEST), and managed by the team at Service Skills South Australia.


SIB10 Training Package Implementation WorkshopThis project produced a valuable set of videos and resources that were adapted from the SIB10 Implementation Workshop held at Service Skills SA (SSSA) in late 2010 facilitated by Marina Borrello of SSSA and Karen Banks of Service Skills Australia.

The resources were divided into two sections, information related to operating in the new VET Landscape and information specific to the National Beauty Training Package SIB10.

The VET landscape section was designed to assist VET practitioners consider a holistic approach to the implementation of Training Packages and was presented by a selection of guest speakers who explored the following topics:

  • Understanding Training Packages
  • Understanding AQTF
  • Sustainability Skills
  • Employability Skills
  • Assessment for Learning
  • VET in Schools

The National Beauty Training Package SIB10 section was presented by Karen Banks, the Senior Project Officer at Service Skills Australia who had been responsibile for the review, development and endorsement of the SIB10 Beauty Training Package. This section provided information on:

  • An overview on the changes to the training packages and its component
  • The process of Continuous Improvement
  • SIB10 Qualifications
  • SIB10 Assessment
  • SIB10 Case Studies

A comprehensive selection of resources and downloads were also provided to accompany the video presentations.

NOTE: The original video resources and support material maybe made available on the new SSSA website but it will based on industry demand. Should you wish to make this happen. Please notify Penny Curtis on the details below.

Key Outcomes

An online web resource
30 video presentations
22 downloadable resources


Penny Curtis - Senior Project Officer

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