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SA Adventure Activity Standards 2015

The SA Adventure Activity Standards 2015 can be viewed and downloaded via Recreation SA's website HERE.


Facilitated by Service Skills SA (SSSA) and supported by Recreation SA, this project is being funded by the Office for Recreation and Sport through the Sport and Recreation Development and Inclusion Program.

In late 2012 the Office for Recreation and Sport identified a need to update the AAS driven by the endorsement of the new SIS10 Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training Package, the changes to the Fair Trading Act and Australian Consumer Law from 2010 and the new state Work Health and Safety Legislation.

The project provided enough funds to update the content of the SA AAS to ensure they included current legalisation and industry practices.

What are AAS?

The SA Adventure Activity Standards (AAS) were initially produced in 2006 and are minimum, voluntary guidelines for organisations conducting outdoor recreation activities where the participants are dependant on the activity provider.

Versions of the AAS are available in most states across Australia. Although each states activities and legislative content may vary all AAS have a major objective to promote:

1. Safety for both participants and providers
2. Information for providers against legal liability claims and criminal penalties
3. Assistance in obtaining insurance cover

With these objectives in mind the AAS can be a valuable resource for all types of organisations, businesses, guides and leaders. Whether you are a business owner cross checking your insurance compliance, the Operations Manager of an outdoor activity provider updating your Standard Operating Procedures or a leader looking to refresh your activity planning processes.

Work to Date

Project work commenced late last year with a review of the national sets of AAS which was followed by the development of an extensive project network inclusive of state & national peak body associations, private and public organisations and relevant government departments.

During this time discussions began regarding the nationalisation of the AAS and the issues surrounding South Australian Schools using differnt sets of activity guidelines.

In late January 2014 work commenced to produce the first draft AAS template and the preparation for the SA Bushwalking consulation started shortly after in mid February and concluded early December 2014.

The final draft versions of the AAS were provided to Recreation SA and The Office for Recreation and Sport late December 2014.


Consultation Process

To work within the project's funds and with an understanding of the limited resources available to many associations it essential that SSSA delivers an effective and efficient consultation process.

For this reason the following consultation process will be tested on a single AAS first:

  • SSSA creates 1st Draft
  • Establish activity working group (guided by peak body association)
  • Activity working group review draft (2 weeks)
  • SSSA conduct meeting to collect feedback
  • SSSA create the 2nd draft
  • 2nd Draft is posted on SSSA website for broader industry feedback (2 weeks)
  • SSSA creates final formatted versions

Activity working groups will have a limited number of positions and advice will be sought from the activities peak body association to identify the most suitable candidates.

Once an effective process is confirmed it will be applied in a timely manner to the remaining AAS.
These consultations will be conducted in a staged approach across the first half of 2014. It is likely that 2-3 AAS will be reviewed at one time.


Below are the AAS that are currently being reviewed. Each AAS is at different stage in the consultations processes. 

2nd Draft Review Process   
The 2nd draft of each AAS will be posted below for broader industry comment. For those wishing to provide feedback it can be done in two ways:

1  in an email - please reference the relevant Sections – e.g. 3.2 Activity Plan
2  download the word file and use track changes to record your feedback before sending it as an email attachment.

Whilst reviewing the document please keep in mind the following:

  • 2nd draft incorporates feedback provided by a working group of acitivity speciifc industry specialists
  • Please focus on the activity specific information
  • The Legal section will be reviewed by a legal team 
  • The review period runs for two weeks 


2nd Draft - online industry review - closed 28th JULY

2nd Draft - online industry review - closed 26th AUGUST

Trail Bike Riding
2nd Draft - online industry review - closed 26th AUGUST

Mountain Biking
2nd Draft - online industry review  - closed 2nd OCTOBER

Horse Trail Riding
2nd Draft - online industry review - closed 6th NOVEMBER

Recreational Caving
2nd Draft - online industry review - closed 18th NOVEMBER

Artificial Climbing & Abseiling Structures
2nd Draft - online industry review - closed 11th DECEMBER

Climbing & Abseiling on Natural Surfaces
2nd Draft - online industry review - closed 11th DECEMBER

Recreational Angling 


For any further information please contact:

Jemma Rippon
Project Officer
(08) 8362 6255

Graham Oades

Chief Executive Officer
(08) 8362 6255

Last updated 15th September 2015

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